The Russian Election: Watch Mikhail Prokhorov

Most observers assume that Vladimir Putin will win on the first ballot in Sunday’s election. That is as close to certain as anything in the future can be, but the interesting question will be whether extensive fraud will be required to get him an official majority. A second question is how much support Mikhail Prokhorov will attract. The other candidates opposing Putin are clowns, stooges, or hang-overs with no real political future. Prokhorov, reputed to be Russia’s third richest oligarch, however, is a new face in Russian politics, and one that may play an important role in the future. Take a look at Lucian Kim’s blog entry describing one of Prokhorov’s campaign appearances.

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7 Responses to The Russian Election: Watch Mikhail Prokhorov

  1. Brian Runyon says:

    If he wins, I wonder what he’ll do differently for his country. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Jack says:

    Putin won, but we won’t know for a while what changes, if any, he will make.

  3. Brian Runyon says:

    This will be Vlaimir Vladimirovich’s last time as President. He’ll be 60 later this year.

  4. Brian Runyon says:

    The opposition is gonna have their say in an election at some point in the future.

  5. Jack says:

    They will have to start organizing out of Moscow and St. Petersburg to be successful nationally. And they will need to create a party that is an effective coalition not a one-person show.

  6. Brian Runyon says:

    Wonder who Putin will pick to be his PM come May 7.

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